Commercial & Industrial Electrical Services

Design and install a state-of-the-art lighting system that meets the illumination and energy efficiency needs of every client.

Medical Electrical Services

Design and installation of a range of technical electrical services for the medical industry.

Electrical Safety Audits

Electrical Safety Audits for your business



“To deliver the highest quality, simplest and most efficient electrical solutions to industrial and commercial businesses in Queensland.”


Steve Rolls Electrical (SRE) are committed to providing the highest quality solutions to even the most technically challenging commercial, industrial or medical electrical installation. Our mission is to work with businesses, their partners and suppliers to plan, design, install and maintain the most technologically advanced electrical systems. We work in partnership with clients, applying our industry expertise to their vision to develop the simplest most efficient solutions.




SRE is committed to applying the highest professional standards in all our dealings with clients, their partners and suppliers.

Customer Service

SRE are committed to building sustainable working relationships with clients, their partners and suppliers based on regular and clear communication, respect, and transparency in all our operations.


SRE are committed to delivering high quality electrical systems that meet the technologically advanced needs of our clients, staying up-to-date with the latest industry developments so we always meet those needs.

Team work

SRE work in partnership with clients, their partners and suppliers, to ensure we deliver the best possible electrical solutions for their business. We are hands-on and agile and can quickly adapt to meet clients’ needs.

Continuous Improvement

SRE are committed to health and safety, risk management, and the ongoing development of our service delivery though continuous learning, process improvement and competency assessment.


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